Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have only been on twitter for a few days now and I am already tired of looking at myself in my avatar (ID photo).  It almost feels like ground hog day, only I don't get to change my outfit or my hair or most importantly my mood. 

Avatars are really interesting. I have so many clients that insist on using very old photos of themselves for their brochure and website. Not to mention all the people who uncomfortably quietly ask me to touch them up in Photoshop.  All of this is fine until you have to meet someone in person or if you get lucky enough to be interviewed on a visual platform. Then, your creditability is instantly shot. 

It is really hard to convince people to use a current photo. I try to explain to them that your personality shows more as you age. You come to be someone really interesting. Someone we all want to learn about, someone to get valued advice from as we navigate through this complicated adventure called life.

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