Thursday, May 7, 2009

Martini's Pesto... Lazy Girl Style

I make this all the recipe all the time. It is one thing that everyone in my family likes and is quick and easy - no blender or food processor needed.

Cook and rinse your pasta. Any will do, but I prefer whole wheat penne.

All you basically need: basil, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. 

Find fresh basil, parsley or whatever leafy herb you have growing in your garden. Grab two big handfuls and wash it well – chop it up with a knife.

Take one handful of pine nuts (whole no need to chop) or walnut - chopped.

Small handful of sun dried tomatoes - chopped.

Mix these ingredients in with the pasta, then drizzle olive oil over it.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Make it like a salad. I hate to measure everything, it just means I have more to clean later.


Nancy Martini


  1. Great recipe - can we include it with the others on our Make it and Mend it Pesto recipe collection?