Sunday, May 10, 2009

It is always fun to play a prank on my kids... especially on Mother's Day.

This morning I woke up early, as usual, then went outside to breathe in the incredible aroma from my gardenia bushes that are in full bloom. Realizing I had much to do, I started the laundry and came across a package in the linen closet when I was putting away the towels. I knew right away it had to be my Mother's Day gift from my three kids that they had hidden to surprise me with on Mother's Day. The temptation to mess with my kids was too great, so I decided to hide the package.

I went about my regular busy morning. After the laundry, I started working in my garden. I had the patio door cracked open so I could hear what was happening in the house. My family started waking up. Once they were all up, they went collectively to find my present and it wasn't there. Of course they all started all blaming each other in a way that only siblings can: who messed-up and and who's fault it was. Meanwhile, I was cracking-up in the garden – when they saw the look on my face when I walked-in they all yelled in unison... MOM!


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Evil mom.What was in the package? I'm so jealous, cats do not shop. But then they don't talk back (or anything) either. ;)
    I hope your work is going well.

  2. Handmade cards, a coupon book for extra chores and hugs and a shell bracelet. Life is good! I love my kids.