Friday, June 7, 2013

International Biennale Artist Exhibition 2013

The International Biennale Artist Exhibition (IBAE) was a hugh success and will continue this week with an auction June 13 to benefit The Art & Entertainment Council. 

Even with tropical storm Andrea and the Miami Heat Game happening last night a hugh crowd of art enthusiasts including Mayor Tomas Regalado came out to see the art. In Miami, there is always so many things going on. You can go to multiple major events on any day of the week.

70" x 40" x 22"
Upcycled mixed media

Miami Iron Side Main gallery was a fabulous venue for an art event! For the next event, come early. The valet parking and street parking fills up fast! Thank you to everyone who came out to support all the artists from all over the world!

Eco Art Fashion show by designer Luis Valenzuela inspired by Marie Antonette

Mayor Tomas Regalado (center) Jose Garcia (center right) Chibarro invited artist from Chile and IBAE organizer Tata Fernandez (far right)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thursday, June 6th from 7pm to 10pm I will be exhibiting at Ironside in the Little River Business District for the International Biennale Artist Exhibit.
The exhibit will be on display until Friday June 14th concluding with an auction to benefit the Arts & Entertainment Council. Ironside is located at 7600 NW 4th Court, Miami which is near the Haitian Cultural Center. Ironside is a campus like facility that for the past few years has been cultivating a creative community of artists, designers, architects and interior designers.

The piece that I will be exhibiting is called "Erasing Barrier." The 70" x 40" x 22" sculpture uses an upcycled garden fence and papier mâché to represent dividing lines that separate starting with our own backyards. The concept of eliminating barriers is also reflective in societal barriers as it relates to economics, ethnicity, gender and race. With this sculpture, I hope to open nonjudgmental dialogues for peaceful coexistence on land and in relationships unencumbered by barriers.

"Erasing Barriers" is part of my collection of sculptures titled ‘The Food Forest.' The collection explores growing healthy food all around us as part of Whole Systems Living and Permaculture. The sculptures contemplate how and where food is currently grown, our relationship with how we purchase food, and nature’s ability to adapt to our changing environment. Each sculpture examines the connection between nature and urban life as a way to inspire the concept of growing food wherever a pocket of nutrient rich soil can be found in our overbuilt and stressed communities.

The sculptures all have two key components. First, each sculpture uses an upcycled object to symbolize everyday urban life and human impact on the environment. Second, the sculptures are covered in brown paper to mimic brown grocery bags. The brown bags represent our relationship with store purchased food as well as to unite man, objects and nature.