Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is your cup half recession or half opportunity?

I know we are in a recession, but do we all have to be so down in the dumps about it all the time? I really believe its going to be ok. Maybe I am alone here, but if we really think about it we can look at the good things about a recession.

Opportunities are there only if you have the right attitude to find them.

1. Rethink where you are. If you are out of work, now is an opportunity to really get creative. Many people picked their careers based on how much money they projected they could make, not their true passion. Opportunity is waiting... let your heart lead you. Whatever you love to do, only you can bring your special spin on it.

2. Less really is more. When you have less it creates an opportunity to think differently, freer. I am happiest when I am camping. It is the time when I have the least amount of stuff and very little to worry about. Now is the time to see how much happier you can be with less stuff. Its just weighs you down plus, its an opportunity to give the things you don't really need to someone who needs it. 

3. Now that its slower at the office, it is the perfect opportunity to network and branch out into different areas that you have always wanted to do. Be brave and ask someone that your respect and admire to be your mentor. Don't worry, its not too late and mentoring is not just for college kids; we are all learning together.

4. Cut down on groceries by growing your own vegetable garden. Here is an opportunity to discover what vegetables really taste like. Vegetables taste incredibly better homegrown; they are better for you; you kids will actually like vegetables; and you get to reduce some of you stress by working out in the fresh air.

5. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Now is the opportunity to see how resourceful you can be. Its really where our pioneers started form. Imagine what the early settlers would use and create out of all of the things that we throw out and guiltlessly toss in the recycle bin if they were here today.

6. Opportunities are endless and so is this list. I hope you will add to this list and realize your cup is half opportunity.

Nancy Martini

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