Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I blog...

Flexibility has been the cornerstone of my creative career. Back in the 80's I was working on a paste-up table drawing and drafting with ink, specking type and using equipment that filled hugh rooms plus additional space for elaborate dark rooms. 

The first macs came along and I had to convince a team of graphic designers and typesetters, plus my boss at the time, that this was the future. My first computer purchase was a MacPlus. I was thrilled to move up to a hugh hard drive with a total of 20 megabytes! Evolution was slow, but fun with a mixture of both worlds for a while until the internet came along and changed everything.

The demand for websites came along with everybody's kid brother designing their sites for them. I love good design and a challenge, but I still feel building websites could be more artist friendly. To me websites are copy driven and tough to look at. So I design the sites and they are outsourced to produce in India. When the sites come back the clients are happy, but it never seems to be good enough for me. Just off a bit.

Now still changing, my newest adventure is social networking. I use to work with a team of copywriters. It was so much fun! We would brainstorm together until the copy and artwork would work together seamlessly. I would encourage them to write better copy and in turn they would inspire me to design with a better understanding. Now, I write alone. Its easy to design alone, after all this time I really don't even think about design anymore it is more like breathing or taking out the trash. Just something you do, or needs to get done. Writing is something completely different. It never seems exactly right like a painting when it is finished. It somehow makes me feel I like my little sister just read my diary and now is going to tell all my friends.

However, I am excited about this new media, but I miss the human interaction. Yes we connect online, but somehow that deep down in your soul laughter doesn't happen online. Or maybe it just hasn't happened to me yet. At least at the end of the day, when I finally fall asleep, I still fly in my dreams. 

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  1. Hi,
    Great post. A good place to start from.
    I miss interaction with co-workers too. I was a kitchen and bath designer (in my former life!) and the best part was the bouncing of ideas.
    I do love being on my schedule though.