Monday, December 2, 2013

The Accidental Beast - ARTcycle and bicycle safety

This year's ARTcycle entry in conjunction with Art Basel Miami was inspired by my personal horror of seeing my thirteen year old son get hit by a car on his bike. Thankfully, he survived with bruises and scrapes which kept him out of school for two days. It could have been so much worse.

When my son announced that he forgot to charge his cell phone before leaving for school, I decided to ride my bicycle behind him on the way just to make sure he made it to school safely. The week before he fell off his bicycle because he has to carry a heavy backpack that makes him off balance.

We were half way to school when a car stopped at the street, but did not stop at the stop sign line. The car hit my son's bike at the edge of the street. There was not a single thing that I could do. One second my son was hit, the next three seconds he was down under the car where I could not see him. Then, one glorious second later he jumped up and said, 'Mom, I'm ok!"

As the neighbors all brought bandages, I watched car after car pass over the white line next to the stop sign. I realized that anyone could have hit him and that many more bicyclist would be injured or even killed. It also occurred to me that we imagine human beasts lurking in the dark corners waiting to take the lives of our children and loved ones, but it is more likely that an accident will take their lives.

I created, "The Accidental Beast" to bring awareness that anyone could be this beast at any moment, if we don't see one bike, one kid on his way to school. Please stop at the white stop line. Then, move up and stop again at the street to see. Look for bikes! 

The sculpture measures 60" x 89" x 27" and is constructed out of brown grocery bags and handmade colored paper. The bicycle was donated by ARTcycle.

Please join me to view "The Accidental Beast" at the opening reception December 5th 7pm to 10pm at FLOR Miami - 127 NE 40th Street, Miami along with my collection of sculptures titled, "The Food Forest" (In the Design District across from Michael's Restaurant).

There are thirteen additional art bikes created by local artists in various galleries throughout Wynwood during Art Basel week with a guided bicycle tour December 6th through 8th at 1 pm.

Next month the art bicycles will be exhibited together at the Coral Gables Museum from January 16 to February 26 with an artist lecture/panel on January 23rd. For more information about the bike tour visit

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Solo Exhibition at the Tropical Audubon Society

My solo exhibition at the Tropical Audubon Society was a hugh success! I had so much fun! The Doc Thomas Historic house was a bit challenging, but well work the effort. We could not put any nails in the walls and due to the flammable vintage varnish on the walls we had to use low lighting.

Live music by Joanne Meagher on the front screen porch added so much to the opening. I love partnering with artists of all genres. I even invited student artists to participate.  

The concept behind my collection is to introduce the idea of growing food all around us in public spaces. Each sculpture uses grocery bag paper to represent our current relationship with food. Read more on my website at

"The Messengers" Encaustic Birds

A flock of encaustic birds where installed flying out of a chandelier.
"Food Forest Tiers"
Lorraine studies the concept of growing vertical gardens in public spaces.

"Glorious Imperfection"
Finigan types the answers to the question, "What would you do if you were not afraid to make a mistake?"

Joanne Meagher - Deco Tones
Songs of nature were song beautifully by Joanne Meagher.
Dylan Terry - Ready to Grow
Featured next to Dylan are the works by Coral Reef High School Art students who took on the eco art challenge of creating art from a simple grocery bag.

Vegan Creations from Relish
All of the delicious appetizers where eco and animal friendly with only food from the garden thanks to
Elizabeth Guerra at

Celeste De Palma

The Bird Bar was in good hands with Celeste!

Thank you to everyone who participated including Terry Long who took all of the event photographs for me!

Friday, June 7, 2013

International Biennale Artist Exhibition 2013

The International Biennale Artist Exhibition (IBAE) was a hugh success and will continue this week with an auction June 13 to benefit The Art & Entertainment Council. 

Even with tropical storm Andrea and the Miami Heat Game happening last night a hugh crowd of art enthusiasts including Mayor Tomas Regalado came out to see the art. In Miami, there is always so many things going on. You can go to multiple major events on any day of the week.

70" x 40" x 22"
Upcycled mixed media

Miami Iron Side Main gallery was a fabulous venue for an art event! For the next event, come early. The valet parking and street parking fills up fast! Thank you to everyone who came out to support all the artists from all over the world!

Eco Art Fashion show by designer Luis Valenzuela inspired by Marie Antonette

Mayor Tomas Regalado (center) Jose Garcia (center right) Chibarro invited artist from Chile and IBAE organizer Tata Fernandez (far right)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thursday, June 6th from 7pm to 10pm I will be exhibiting at Ironside in the Little River Business District for the International Biennale Artist Exhibit.
The exhibit will be on display until Friday June 14th concluding with an auction to benefit the Arts & Entertainment Council. Ironside is located at 7600 NW 4th Court, Miami which is near the Haitian Cultural Center. Ironside is a campus like facility that for the past few years has been cultivating a creative community of artists, designers, architects and interior designers.

The piece that I will be exhibiting is called "Erasing Barrier." The 70" x 40" x 22" sculpture uses an upcycled garden fence and papier mâché to represent dividing lines that separate starting with our own backyards. The concept of eliminating barriers is also reflective in societal barriers as it relates to economics, ethnicity, gender and race. With this sculpture, I hope to open nonjudgmental dialogues for peaceful coexistence on land and in relationships unencumbered by barriers.

"Erasing Barriers" is part of my collection of sculptures titled ‘The Food Forest.' The collection explores growing healthy food all around us as part of Whole Systems Living and Permaculture. The sculptures contemplate how and where food is currently grown, our relationship with how we purchase food, and nature’s ability to adapt to our changing environment. Each sculpture examines the connection between nature and urban life as a way to inspire the concept of growing food wherever a pocket of nutrient rich soil can be found in our overbuilt and stressed communities.

The sculptures all have two key components. First, each sculpture uses an upcycled object to symbolize everyday urban life and human impact on the environment. Second, the sculptures are covered in brown paper to mimic brown grocery bags. The brown bags represent our relationship with store purchased food as well as to unite man, objects and nature.