Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Artists... Big Impact

Every year I go to the Youth Fair to see the children's art. I'm not too crazy about the rides and all the junk food and trash that they produce, but what they do for children's art is absolutely commendable.

It is so wonderful to see so such beautiful and interesting work done by Miami students from elementary to high school all in one place and to see so much of it. They have so many categories for the kids to enter and you don't have to wait for your school to enter. If your art teacher doesn't have the time or the desire, your kids can apply on their own.

With all the budget cuts for art education, this is a fabulous resource where you can get ideas to do art projects and a plethora of other competitions from building robots to making nature habitat models with full description of what is expected and the judging criteria. Plus, the kids not only win ribbons, they win money as well! They can win up to $5 for a purple ribbon. So, when summer comes and your kids are bored go the Youth Fair's website and see what inspires your kids.

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