Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tawnie Sliva: Upcycling Goes to the Circus

When I first walked into the Butter Gallery in Wynwood last night, I was delighted to see artist Tawnie Sliva using so many different materials, colors and techniques: felt for the graphic signage pieces, plastic bags for the sculptures and drawings on paper.

Of course, I was most excited to see the fabulous use of reclaimed plastic bags. All the sculptures had fans discretely placed to keep the sculptures inflated.

It was interesting to see the intricate sewing of the clothing on the sculptures as well as his successful use of of such a thin plastic material to make such powerful statements with so much emotion.

I had to search around to find Tawnie because somehow I thought he was a she. When Tawnie was pointed out to me in a group of very large muscular men, I was a bit intimated to go up an introduce myself. But to my delight, Tawnie was very kind and charming. He happily moved to another room so I could get a better photo in front of one of his pieces. I look forward to learning more about Tawnie. He's from Missouri and is a bit hard to find, however he is on facebook, hopefully he will set up a fan page soon...

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