Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet local artist Natasha Duwin

I met Natasha Duwin at her current show Rapture at Artformz in Wynwood. I was immediately drawn to her work and I was so happy that I got a chance to talk to her. She was very open and eager to explain her work. She told me that the beautiful pieces feature above were about the construction of female identity. The base of these pieces are very structured, made of hard brittle wire symbolizing how culture and society dictate how women should behave. I loved how she used a vintage boa to represent a timeline for women. The feather portion speaks to us about the journey of women that insolently were made from an upcycled 1950's ostrich feather boa that was carefully dismantled and then painstakingly she split each feather to attach it to the pieces.

Natasha has a studio in the Artist-in-Residence at ArtCenter South Florida on Lincoln Road. There she uses weaving, embroidery, needlework, tapestry, quilting, lace, textiles and other traditional women’s work that are usually described as weak, ineffectual to produce representations of the essence of women that are strong, fragile, forceful, pliant, rigid, aggressive and inviting.

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