Friday, March 26, 2010

Arte Americas: The Latin American Art Fair

Last night I went to Arte Americas at the Miami Beach Convention Center. There were only 40 participating galleries from Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Peru and Spain compared to 70 galleries from last year, but still an impressive collection of paintings, sculpture and multimedia art.

I usually don't get a special invitation to the pre-opening events, but because I donated a painting for the Haitian Art Relief Fund, they let me in. I met a lot of people who were guests of sponsors who probably would not have gone if they were not invited to this special opening. Sponsoring art events is exactly what companies need to do. I saw a lot of people networking and talking about the art, whether they liked (or understood) it or not it provided a venue for people to gather and see something new. It was an opportunity not only to meet new people, but a place to get to know their clients better.


  1. These are great photos. Thanks for sharing about this event.

  2. Thanks Chris... It was really a wonderful show. I hope they sell a lot!