Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet My Favorite Key Biscayne Art Festival Artists

Today I went to the Key Biscayne Art Festival with my daughter, Grace. Whenever I go to a festival I always play a game with whomever accompanies me where if we could purchase any piece at the show without any financial constraints what would we buy. Here are the results...

Jill Streitwiesser from Michigan who creates sculptures out of clay and reclaimed materials. These pieces can even be placed outdoors in your garden. The base is a metal rod that all the individual pieces fit on.

I have been a fan of Gregory Hubbard for a while now and it was great to see him at the fair. His work encapsulates all the things I love: color, detail, design, pattern and energy.

Krys Lieffers, shown here with my daughter, dyes her own cotton mop cloth and then hand weaves it into beautiful array of colorful rugs and purses. Go to her website and check out the photo of her studio. It looks like a place I would really like to visit, pull up a chair and stay awhile.

Inspired by his father's clock collection, Vince Pomei creates clocks out of reclaimed flatware. The piece behind him is a beautiful clock adorned with patinaed spoons.

And lastly, Laszlo and Anna Boros showed us how to make cinnamon horns. Check out their website and you can see a video of how they make them too.... yum!


  1. Thanks for the tour of the festival. As for who you would buy from if independently wealthy, they were all very good picks. I especially like Hubbard's work. I need more color in my life!! Whimsy is always great too.

  2. Hubbard's work is really strong and powerful. I love it too. He is really a nice guy as well. I asked him what inspires him and he simply said, "life" and then he smiled.