Friday, July 31, 2009

Working with Upcycled Aluminum Foil...

See the process of using upcycled aluminum foil and frozen pizza boxes to create art...


  1. Hi Nancy,
    I love the way you have the knife cutting into the Earth. Very effective.
    I love to see your process...
    Great video, beautiful art work.

  2. I teared up towards the end of watching your video, because it was such an overwhelmingly beautiful feeling to know what I am not alone in the world. There is someone else out there deeply passionate about upcycling... and not only that, you are making beautiful poignant art! Thank you for being you.

  3. I have been upcycling for years with everyone around me snickering about it. I think it is important and I am glad you do to. Its not the easy road, but one worth taking.

  4. It seems you are a great Eco lover as me. Nice to see you here on blog..Good luck..

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