Friday, February 24, 2012

New Studio Space at The Artisan Lounge

The only thing we can really count on is change. Although I  love my home studio, I began to feel that I needed to be in a more urban setting.

Because I am so influenced by my surroundings, the first criteria in finding a space was that it had to be architecturally beautiful or at least with the potential to make the space beautiful. Then I need the space to have VENTILATION where I could open the windows. The next thing on my list was that it had to have public transportation (so I wouldn't be waisting a lot of gas getting there) where I could commute using the Metrorail.

Not a lot of options in Miami fit this criteria. With an open mind, I posted notes to everyone I knew asking for any type of space, but I was not finding what I wanted.  I finally found the perfect space in the out building of a 1890's church that just refurbished 9000 square fee of old classrooms into 26 contemporary artist studios, 3 galleries, and 2 artist lounges. Where the Metro Mover drops off directly across the street and it has gated parking with a security guard.

Last week we had our grand opening and it was a hugh success! Here are a few photos of my studio and the gallery and lounge spaces.

Thank you to everyone who donated their old chests to me! Everything in my studio 
was either given to me or found in the trash. The only thing that I had to purchase for 
my studio was one chair and four table legs! 

One of the two artist lounges

Two of the three gallery spaces

Hope to see you at the next exhibit in April. 
The 26 studios are filled, but they do have a waiting list and they are accepting applications to exhibit.

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