Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Springtime: Miami Style

Without looking at a calendar, I know it's spring when the Tabebuia Trees burst in bloom into brilliant color. They are usually right on time and in full bloom for March 21st arrival.

Many Tabebuia trees line the streets of Miami without a notice all year long. They blend into the landscape with their grey wooded trunks and light sage leaves that barely cover the branches. When spring arrives they scream for attention! Bursting all at once in bright lemon yellow. Some of the Tabebuia trees are pink, but very few and the pink is a light soft shade.

I have two Tabebuia trees in my garden, one pink and one yellow. The yellow one blew down in a hurricane a few years back, but I had it propped back up and luckily it survived. The yellow Tabebuia is in my butterfly garden right next to my outdoor studio where I work in encaustics (beeswax and Damar resin).

Above are the steps that lead to my outdoor studio. The Tabebuias bloom as fast as they drop their blooms so, the blossoms create a magnificent carpet of flowers.

Behind my studio, is a street where people pass by.

My butterfly garden is slowing growing. To the right is a butterfly ginger that hates the cold but, hopefully it will regrow soon.

Lastly, here is my encaustic studio space where I look out into my garden as I work. I am so inspired by the nature that surrounds me. Spring is here and a perfect time to paint outside. I will be posting some of the painting I am creating in encaustics soon. It's not hard to guess that they are filled with images from my garden.

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