Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Green for St. Patrick's Day

Last night, instead of the usual green beer and corn beef and cabbage. I convinced my husband (who is not a vegetarian) to join me in a new, very green St. Patrick's Day celebration. We went to the Sacred Space in Wynwood to eat raw vegan food at this month's Conscious Bite Out.

The Conscious Bite Out is a monthly vegetarian dinner party organized by two women, Marcela Andron and Veronica Menin both cooks and holistic health counselors.

Upon arrival, I thought there was a security check because there was a line formed behind one quest with their arms spread out straight while a woman waved what looked like hand metal detector over them. Thankfully, I was wrong. It wasn't a metal detector; it was a smoking, lit sage wrap to eliminate negative energy from all who entered.

Once we stepped inside, we were treated to yummy guacamole, seeds, nuts and Veev Acal Eco Mojitos in the gallery space. After the sage ritual, I thought the space inside would be relaxing and organic looking but, instead the music was turned up and the surfaces were slick and shiny. This space would have been perfect used as an art exhibit for guests to move, mix and mingle looking at art while drinking wine and Mojitos before dinner. However, there was one eco-sculpture on the floor made of newspaper bundles bound in thick twine. Otherwise, the entire space was bright white flooded with very tall, beautiful, young women in six inch heels and short pretty dresses.

After Eco Mojitos, we were invited to sit at the communal dinning table. The table was spectacular! The table had to seat at least 70 people. I love the idea of sitting everyone together, however I wish the table was about 12" narrower because it was too wide to talk easily to the people sitting across from us. We met so many interesting people there that cared about the environment and cared about the type of food that we were eating that we had a lot to talk about.

Instead of just one chef cooking our dinner, we were treated to three. The dinner began with my favorite dish of the eventing. Chef John Schott from Lifefood Gourmet made the most amazing raw vegan taco as an appetizer. Then, he made a spinach soup that was delicious as well.

Next, Chef Jonathan Gambino demonstrated how to cut a coconut and served us coconut rice and mushrooms with grape tomatoes.

The final Chef, Lisa Valle from Green Wave demonstrated how to make raw vegan blueberry pie. She explained how blueberries have a natural pectin in them so they work very well as a thickening agent.

For dessert, we were served the most amazing raw vegan dessert I have ever tasted. This dessert could be served at any dinner party without anyone realizing it was good for you. Chef Valle created a crepe out of coco, agave and coconut oil which she filled with a creamy mix of blended nuts that looked and tasted like cream topped with mint leaves, delicious! She also served the blueberry pie that she demonstrated. Unfortunately, we missed tasting because we had to return home to our youngest son who wasn't feeling well.

It was a wonderful event that I highly recommend. I hope to return soon and see what they cook up next.

Cheers to a NEW GREEN celebration for St. Patrick's Day!

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