Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Art Basel Favorites...

After breakfast at the Rubell Family Collection last Thursday, I went to the Convention Center to see Art Basel. I went early so I could meet Michelangelo Pistoletto and hear him talk about his new book, The Third Paradise. He talked about his version of the infinity symbol that has a large circle in the center with two smaller circles connected parallel to each side. Where the Third Paradise consists of artificial needs and comforts leading to over consumption and corrosion of the natural planet. When asked, "What advise would you give young artists?" He simply replied, "change the world."

Michelangelo Pistoletto

There is so much to see at Art Basel, but here are a few of my favorites...

Favorite use of space...

I only wish they would have painted the floor as well. I have seen it done, but you have to bring in your own flooring to paint.

Favorite interactive art...

This was a huge heart like shape that was constructed out of wood with bench like seating inside. In the center there was a drum with a drumstick hanging from the ceiling on a bungie cord. While we sat inside we pulled on the bungie cord so that the drumstick would bounce down and repeatedly hit the drum like a heartbeat.

Reproductor, by Rochelle Costi

The instructions:
1. choose and take an image from the wall.
2. fit it to one of the tables (on the left of the glass if you are right handed, on the right if you are left handed)
3. copy the image using a pencil or a pen.
4. hang it back on the wall where you found it.
5. hang your drawing on the allocated walls.

The red plexiglass provided a reflection from the photograph that made it easy to copy. It worked like a light box. My favorite part about this exhibit is that it enabled everyone who participated an opportunity to say their art was displayed at Art Basel!

Favorite piece that people question, "Is that art?"

Favorite use of material...

The clothing on these men are all made from buttons.

This piece by Mondongo center panel is made from stickers and the two side panels are carved.

Close up of the stickers used in the center panel above.

I hated seeing his use of a bird, but the skull covered with iridescent beetles is quite unique.

Birdseed sculpture


Favorite place to take a photo in front of...

Lastly, my favorite piece...
Al Anatui


  1. nice recap. you picked some great pieces. i am writing an article for a review magazine, and we had similar thoughts. best, darin

  2. Hi Darin, I would love to read your article. Please send me a link when you can.