Friday, December 3, 2010

Breakfast Basel Style at the Rubell Family Collection

Jennifer Rubell

Thursday was the second day of Jennifer Rubell's Goldilock's breakfast for which I arrived early hoping to meet Jennifer. As I predicted, most of the press had moved on to another Basel sighting so I got a chance to talk to Jennifer plus she had the time to pose for a photo for me... thanks Jennifer!

I really enjoyed Jennifer's work and love how she gets people to enjoy her art by seeing, touching and eating. The home that housed her exhibit will be torn down later this week, but Jennifer said she didn't know what they were going to do with the property yet. Fire rescue was standing looking very nervous because they had so many extension cords bringing electricity running from the Rubell Collection to heat the porridge and cool the refrigerators as well as for any injuries due to the arduous journey through the whole in the wall from the back wall of the Rubell Collection.

Judy Saylor, a local Miami artist, was on hand to help everyone through the hole in the wall, not so easy if you were wearing heals. I stood out here for a while watching the expressions of people as they carefully maneuvered through the hole. A discreetly placed video camera filming the crowd as they were entering the exhibit would have been a good idea.

First we walked in the gutted house and picked up a bowl.

Past the still standing bathroom there was a table full of spoons.

Turning right, were 36 bright white crockpots filled with porridge.

In the next room to the right were rasins.

And to the left, there was sugar.

In the back kitchen, they had two refrigerators filled with milk.

Lastly, we all gathered in the backyard to enjoy our porridge. Luckily, it was a cool morning for Miami: 55 degrees.

This is what I hope to see during Art Basel week. I love the unexpected and to be able to participate in the art. I only wish there were chairs outside of every shape and size to finish the concept of Golidlocks finding the right chair. It could have also been a reflection about finding the right art.

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