Friday, July 2, 2010

More pages from my sketchbook...

My sketchbook and the oil in the Gulf has been giving nightmares. I dream about suffocating cries from turtles and dolphins. I reach out to help them, but my muscles and skin are all gone. There doesn't seem to be an end. Every day it just gets worse.

Day 72: BP ignites the boomed oil slicks without checking for sea life. Turtles die, ships are turned away that are searching to help find and capture turtles in harms way. With today's sketch, I stopped using the cutout date from the newspaper as in previous sketches because I no longer trust what the media says about the oil spill.

Day 71: Hurricane Alex hits the shoreline of Mexico missing the devastated oil spill area. However, the category 2 hurricane lead to two deaths and left hundreds injured and homeless.

Day 70: Scientists make a plan to collect 70,000 sea turtle eggs and make a home for them at Kenedy Space Center. Once hatched, the turtles will be released on the east coast of Florida.


  1. Your art is beautiful! I am putting together a blog on the Handmade movement locally (Miami). Thought you might be interested. I am following your blog now, so you can check out my profile whenever you have a chance. Thanks! Have a great day today.

  2. Hi Paula, Thanks! I am so happy you are blogging about local handmade. We definitely need this in Miami.