Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yes, its just shoes

I went to MIA last weekend and my favorite exhibit was done by Federico Uribe from Columbia. He uses ordinary objects to create his work. With shoes, rakes, etc. he created an entire forest exhibited at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The exhibit had a lot of bits and pieces (shoe laces that had to be placed one by one) that had to be assemble on site. I would love to find out how long and how many people it took to install.

The message is about about how people try to control nature with a false sense of security, but undeniably we are powerless against mother nature and her destruction.

His process introduces the idea of using materials differently. I love his work; I only wish he used reclaimed materials to further impact his message.

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  1. The deer is fabulous! I really want to learn more about this exhibit. Thanks!