Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Vogels: Epitome of Self-Truth

Last night I saw Herb & Dorothy, a fascinating documentary film by Megumi Sasaki. It's a love story on many levels. A couple who is devoted to each other and their passion for art. Choosing art from their hearts, brave and focussed, they purchased from artists either unknown or unrecognized for over forty years. To many artists they have become like family because of their understanding of the work and their shared love for new expression. Collecting only from New York, their home town, on meager wages and living in a tiny apartment they were able to create a collection worth millions. Not only did I find this film inspiring, I found the Vogels to be a perfect example of what it means to be completely true to yourself.

See the Vogel Collection at the National Gallery of Art. Oh, by the way... they donated their collection.

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  1. Nancy, I loved this post. The Vogels are very inspiring. Not only were they true to themselves, but they also knew what they wanted in life, like so few others. This is more proof that if you do what you love in life, the money will follow. Heather