Saturday, November 30, 2013

Solo Exhibition at the Tropical Audubon Society

My solo exhibition at the Tropical Audubon Society was a hugh success! I had so much fun! The Doc Thomas Historic house was a bit challenging, but well work the effort. We could not put any nails in the walls and due to the flammable vintage varnish on the walls we had to use low lighting.

Live music by Joanne Meagher on the front screen porch added so much to the opening. I love partnering with artists of all genres. I even invited student artists to participate.  

The concept behind my collection is to introduce the idea of growing food all around us in public spaces. Each sculpture uses grocery bag paper to represent our current relationship with food. Read more on my website at

"The Messengers" Encaustic Birds

A flock of encaustic birds where installed flying out of a chandelier.
"Food Forest Tiers"
Lorraine studies the concept of growing vertical gardens in public spaces.

"Glorious Imperfection"
Finigan types the answers to the question, "What would you do if you were not afraid to make a mistake?"

Joanne Meagher - Deco Tones
Songs of nature were song beautifully by Joanne Meagher.
Dylan Terry - Ready to Grow
Featured next to Dylan are the works by Coral Reef High School Art students who took on the eco art challenge of creating art from a simple grocery bag.

Vegan Creations from Relish
All of the delicious appetizers where eco and animal friendly with only food from the garden thanks to
Elizabeth Guerra at

Celeste De Palma

The Bird Bar was in good hands with Celeste!

Thank you to everyone who participated including Terry Long who took all of the event photographs for me!

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