Thursday, May 12, 2011

One for the Arts!

Tuesday, I took the Metrorail to the Metromover where I walked under a covered walkway connected to the Hyatt where the Art and Business Council of Miami had their annual Serving the Arts Luncheon to honor those who have given their time, talent and treasure to the arts.

It was a full house! My favorite part was witnessing Knight Foundation's commitment to bringing art to the people by pledging 1000 random acts of culture. In the photo below the lady in the black dress holding a program and a purse is actually singing opera. As you can see by this photo, everyone is delighted as you can see by all the people smiling as they watch and listen.

The way random acts of culture works is people just start singing in the middle of everyday life as if you are suddenly swept up inside the set of a musical or opera. These performers go to the people to introduce their art whether they are at a shopping mall, a park or an event much like a flash mob.

After the singers are finished, signs are help up and they hand out cards for the opera... brilliant!

The luncheon was filled with people who support the arts and many awards were given out. At my table (featured above) Louis Wolfson III of Pinnacle Housing Group has a passion for art in public places. He is currently supporting the smARTy dog program to help bring smart boards to public schools. Wolfson was recognized as a Shinning Star Supporter for the Arts.

Heather Bettner of Prince Media Development, above, was recognized as an Arts Hero for her work in art in public places. Heather works to bring art and community together as well as helping charities though the proceeds of the sale of the art. She began with the hugely successful Coconut Grove Peacock Tour in 2011 and has continued to bring art to South Miami with the Manatee Fest (Kick Off Party May 20th) and smARTy Dogs to Pinecrest.

I was a guest of Heather's and as I looked around our table I realized how much Heather had reached out to our community by who she invited to her table. She invited Pinecrest Mayor, Cindy Lerner, South Miami Mayor, Philip Stoddard, Kate Callahan who is running for Miami Commissioner, Louis Wolfson III, Doris Meltzer, and artists Alex Yanes and Marcie Ziv.

It wouldn't be an art appreciation ceremony without Mr. Ziff (above). He may need a walker to get there, but he is still going strong and still committed to the arts!

Thank you to all of you who support the arts and understand how important art is to our everyday quality of life.


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