Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wynwood Walls: A Gift from Art Basel

To me, the Wynwood Walls are one of the most interesting projects resulting from Art Basel last December. This once dull, cast-aside space has transformed into a beacon of vibrant life, expression and hope.

When we question the importance of art in public places during tough economic times all you have to do is watch the people when they first walk thought the gates of this now transformed space. People need to be visually nourished, especially in a recession. I believe creativity is what will pull us upward and out of this recession.

I hope all of Miami goes out to see the walls and has a chance to experience the space. It is a grand gift to us from visiting artist during Art Basel. Here is an opportunity to see the impact of art in public places and to witness a fabulous expression of possibilities. One that should be shared, discussed and repeated.

Nancy Martini


  1. These are beautiful. Is there a website where we can see them all? Heather

  2. Lots of people have photographed the walls and written about them, but I have yet to see a website dedicated to just the walls.