Monday, June 1, 2009

Video Tour of Ecoart Part 2

See how I use reclaimed materials retrieved from the trash can or recycle bin to create my ecoart. Scroll down to see Part 1 or go to


  1. Love this. I am beyond impressed with your work. I can't wait to see your next project.

  2. Thanks! My next painting is about taking only what you need. It is taking a little more time than expected because I keep changing it.

  3. I got you message on Twitter! Thanks so much for sending me your link. What brilliant work. Your imagination stretches further than mine. :) I too am always experimenting with all things that can be sewn on pillows. At least we are doing our little bit for saving the earth. I'll enjoy following you and staying in touch. Check mine out at maybe we can inspire each other further. :) Cheers

  4. I am really in awe of these pieces...I love them so much! What a great blog!

  5. Congratulations Good communication, inventive art and nice. Perpetuity in art. Imagine I want to restore one of your piece in a century or 2. What would I do?
    But I do love your art, I follow you

  6. I would be very surprised if someone wanted to keep my upcycled art for that long! Maybe once it has lived its life and message it can be recycled... Thanks for you interesting comments.